America's largest supplier of Steel pipe, tube, fittings and flanges

American Piping Products combines the industry's best inventory, a customer-focused sales staff and premium value-add services so that piping projects worldwide are completed faster and easier.

The world's most accessible inventory

American Piping Products stocks more than 60,000 tons of piping products ready to ship today, from commodity carbon steel piping to rare and specialty alloy products.

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Going the extra mile

Sales and then some

It’s more than just a sales team. Our industrial piping professionals are committed to navigating project requirements and providing expert guidance from start to finish.

Our team offers:

  • Support for the lifetime of a project
  • Commodity pricing and market intel
  • Product documentation and verification
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Better value builds better partnerships

We do more so you don't have to

Simplify your work with post-purchase services and support from American Piping Products. Processing, logistics management and testing are among the many value-add services we provide so you can keep projects streamlined.

Our team offers:

  • Saw and Flame Cutting
  • Beveling and Threading
  • Protective Coatings
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