Mechanical Tubing Division adds Jessica Young as Tubing Product Specialist

American Piping Products (APP) is pleased to announce the addition of Jessica Young, who joins the Mechanical Tubing Division as Tubing Product Specialist. In this role, she will contribute to several aspects of this expanding product line like customer relations, purchasing and value-added services. Ms. Young joins APP after spending 12 years with National Tube… Read more »

Mechanical Tubing Division adds Marc Biolchin and Bill O’Neil to roster

American Piping Products (APP) is proud to announce the addition of Marc Biolchin and Bill O’Neil. Mr. Biolchin joins the team as Vice President of Mechanical Products and Mr. O’Neil as Product Manager. The two share over 90 years of experience, which will play an integral part in APP’s strategy, purchasing and commercial efforts going… Read more »

Case study: Oil refinery up and running during an emergency

Oil refineries fuel our world and fundamentally impact our lives, from the cars we drive to the trucks, trains and ships that move the products of global labor. When they’re down, people lose jobs, gas and commodity prices spike and entire supply chains are put at risk. In October 2013, a fire put a major… Read more »