The Importance of Value-Added Services in Pipe and Tube

In the competitive landscape of the pipe and tube industry, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Choosing the right distributor can make all the difference when it comes to streamlining your operations and keeping your expenses in check. In this article, we’ll discuss the numerous advantages of working with a distributor, like APP, that offers both raw materials and services for your pipe and tube needs.

The Benefits of Value-Added Services

Value-added services in the pipe and tube industry refer to a range of additional services provided by distributors beyond simply offering random lengths of material. These services are designed to add value to the products, improve their functionality or performance, and meet the specific requirements of customers to save time, money, and resources. 

Partnering with a supplier that offers value-added services beyond simply fulfilling your orders has several benefits: 

Reduced waste

Value-added services such as cutting can reduce waste by providing the exact length of pipe or tube needed for a part or project. By receiving materials in precise lengths, you are able to minimize scrap, excess inventory, and overall material waste. This approach streamlines your process and also leads to cost savings, as you will only purchase what you need, avoiding overspending on surplus materials. 

Furthermore, allowing your supply partner to handle services like cutting, pushes the risk away from your team. Material cut short isn’t your problem! 


When you source your materials, you don’t want to communicate with several companies just to meet all your desired needs. Hence, having a supply partner that offers value-added services simplifies your procurement process. When working with American Piping, you will have a dedicated single point of contact who facilitates your orders from initial quotation. 

Working with a one-stop shop for all your pipe and tube needs also allows you to avoid the expense and hassle of acquiring and maintaining your own equipment, resources, and labor. 

Your supplier will take care of the additional processes that are required to meet your needs, such as cutting, threading, or coating pipes and tubes. By providing these services, American Piping allows you to streamline your operations and reduce costs, and contributes to the overall success of your business.


Every project or purchase comes with its own unique set of specifications. Having a supply partner that can cater to your specific needs can help eliminate extra processing or handling, saving both time and cost. This can include fixed lengths, machined ends, special coatings, or  finishes tailored to your project’s needs. Your material arrives ready for immediate use, leading to more efficient operations.

Improved Performance

Coatings, painting, and other prefabrication value-added services play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and/or longevity of pipe and tube products in various applications. Depending on the environment and specific needs, pipe and tube may require specialized protective coatings or finishes. For example, applying a suitable coating can safeguard pipe and tube against corrosion, significantly extending the lifespan. By choosing a supply partner that provides custom coating and finishing services, you can avoid involving a 3rd party company for your project. This results in a quicker, easier, and more cost effective solution for your crew! 

Quality Assurance

You can’t afford to receive your pipe or tube without confidence in how itwill perform. Providers that offer both raw materials and additional testing and inspection services can ensure that pipe and tube products meet specific industry quality and performance standards. Knowing that your orders went through quality control measures, you can be confident that you will receive consistent, high-quality products, reducing the risk of costly failures and downtime. 

Having means to maintain quality assurance offers you peace of mind that your projects are built on reliable and trusted materials. American Piping is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring your team receives quality products when you need them. 

More Than Just Pipe and Tube

We understand the need for customers to be able to have a supplier that goes above and beyond just supplying raw materials. That’s where American Piping Products (APP) comes in – offering not only top-quality pipe and tube products but also a comprehensive suite of value-added services designed to optimize your projects from start to finish.


Every length of pipe or tube we cut is marked according to your specific requirements and our yards follow strict ISO quality protocols. APP uses numerous cutting methods, including various band saws, miter saws, and torch cutting capabilities to deliver pipe and tube to your exact specifications. This means you only pay for the length you need, saving your crew time and money. 


Using cutting-edge machine and flame beveling equipment in our Houston and Chicago facilities, our yard staff prepares pipe for welding so your crew doesn’t have to. Let us eliminate that extra shop time and handling, so you can focus on your core business. 


American Piping can profile pipe to your custom drawing with our versatile Vernon Pipe Cutting Machine. The Vernon software program converts drawings into workable computer designs, allowing the APP team to replicate custom parts anytime. Whether you need saddle cut ends for structural purposes or pressure vessel shells ready to fab, we can help minimize your production cost. 


American Piping keeps threaded pipe in stock to facilitate urgent needs. We also offer steel pipe threading and coupling services for a variety of sizes not commonly found in stock.


We offer a full range of testing services in-house or through approved laboratories to ensure that your pipe or tube meets specific performance and quality standards. These tests include: 

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Charpy Impact Testing
  • Hydro-Testing
  • Positive Material Testing (PMI)
  • X-Ray/Magnetic Particle (MP)
  • ABS and DNV Compliance Testing
  • Liquid Dye Penetrant, 
  • Chemical Analysis, Mechanical Testing, and Hardness Testing

Protective Coatings

Our comprehensive surface preparation and coating services enhance the performance and extend the lifetime of your pipe and tube, protecting your material from corrosion and improving aesthetic appearance. Available services include:

  • Exterior and interior cleaning and blasting per SSPC standards
  • Pickling & oiling to remove impurities
  • Application of FBE and ARO protective coatings 
  • Customer specific primer or paint system requirements
  • Galvanizing pipe according to ASTM A123

Value-Added Services for Your Specific Needs

American Piping Products’ value-added services are designed to make your pipe and tube projects more efficient, cost-effective, and successful. By choosing APP as your trusted partner, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive range of services that go beyond your ordinary supplier, ensuring you get the exact material you need.

Connect with an expert at APP to learn how we can make your job easier and your business more profitable and efficient!