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Piping Products Inventory

American Piping Products provides the largest inventory of piping products in the U.S. Click here to see our inventory.



Steel Pipe Spec Sheets

Steel pipe spec sheets are valuable references to help customers find the right pipe for every application. Click here to see our spec sheets.

The Steel Pipe Buyer’s Guide

This in-depth resource introduces the types of steel used in piping applications, highlights the industry organizations and standards that govern the manufacture and testing of steel pipe and shares tips buyers can use to assure efficient piping procurement. Download the guide here.


ANSI Pipe Chart

The ANSI pipe chart is used to determine nominal pipe size, schedule designations, pipe wall thickness and pipe weight per foot or meter. The American Piping Products pipe chart is up to date and printer friendly. Click here to download it.


Pipe Dimension Calculator

This Pipe Dimension Calculator was created to help customers find the right pipe for every job. Click here to use the calculator.


Carbon Grade Comparison Chart

The carbon grade comparison chart shows the chemical and mechanical differences between ASTM A106 and ASTM A53. Click here to download the comparison chart.


Material Specification Sheet

The material specification sheet shows what material alloy is used in various grades of seamless pipe, welded pipe, buttweld fittings and flanges. Click here to download.


International Shipping Terminology

Click here for essential information on commonly used acronyms within the international freight community, including:


Terms & Conditions

These documents outline the standard terms and conditions agreed to between American Piping Products and trading partners. Click here to download.