Cutting Pipe to Length

American Piping Products cuts costs and streamlines industrial customers’ piping procurement by offering pipe cutting services in both our Houston and Chicago supply yards.

Our trained staff uses precision equipment to guarantee the cut pipe we deliver perfectly matches your order.

Houston yard cutting equipment:

  • Wells 40” dual column saw
  • H160 24” dual column saw
  • VT140 24” vertical miter saw
  • Cyclone 16” single pivot saw
  • Doall 12” single pivot saw
  • H&M band-type flame cutter

Chicago yard cutting equipment:

  • H160 24” dual column saw
  • H&M band-type flame cutter

Every length of pipe we cut comes properly marked according to ASME requirements. In addition, we guarantee a job well done by following strict ISO quality protocols in our yards.

Cutting pipe to length saves costs in several ways. First, buyers only pay for the cost of the length of pipe they ordered, eliminating an unnecessary added cost. Second, buying only what a project requires means builders don’t need to dedicate space to store useless scrap. Finally, it’s cheaper to ship pipe cut to length compared to hauling full-length pipe to be cut on-site.

You can further simplify your piping procurement by adding these other key services we provide:

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