Pipe Profiling

The American Piping Products profiling service saves time and money for fabricators and OEMs who need parts for equipment. With the versatile Lincoln Electric Industrial CNC Pipe Profiling Machine, model 0348 MPM-5, American Piping Products can profile a range of pipe to custom specifications using Plasma and Oxy/Fuel.

American Piping Products uses a top-end profiler. Here are some of its capabilities:
* The profiler is a 5-axis model that will cut holes with bevels.
* It can process 3.500” to 48” pipe at the fastest speed in the industry.
* The Vernon’s 40’ feed conveyor processes double random length pipe.
* The conveyor handles material up to 1000 lb/foot and 22,500 lb/piece.
* The Plasma system offers cutting up to 1.25” thick material and the oxy/fuel torch head offers a clean cut through 4” thick material, allowing us to confidently cut bevels and angles.

American Piping Products continually increases service and inventory offerings to serve customers’ present and future needs.


To learn more about our pipe profiling services or to find a processing solution, request more information here.