Pipe surface preparation and coating

American Piping Products offers comprehensive surface preparation and coating services to enhance the performance and extend the lifetime of steel pipe.

Available services include:

  • Exterior and interior cleaning and blasting per SSPC standards
  • Pickling to remove impurities and improve aesthetics
  • Oiling to prevent flash rust
  • Application of FBE and ARO protective coatings per manufacturer recommendations
  • Galvanizing pipe according to ASTM A123
  • Galvanizing fittings and hardware according to ASTM A153
  • Quality control testing

Thermoset coatings for superior protection

Applying protective coatings protects piping infrastructure as well as the integrity of the industrial processes that infrastructure supports.

American Piping Products offers single-layer fusion bond epoxy (FBO) protection or dual protection by applying an abrasion-resistant overlay (ARO) atop the FBO layer.

Thermoset protective coatings irreversibly cure after application and heating, a critical requirement for high-heat service.

We provide exterior and inside diameter coating applications.

Galvanizing: Not just for high-moisture environments

American Piping Products provides galvanizing to protect pipe across industrial applications.

While galvanizing is most typically specified to delay the onset of corrosion of steel pipe in marine or other high-moisture environments, it’s also a suitable protective measure for general service.

Galvanized pipe is abrasion-resistant and can protect against rust for 30 years or more, making it a potential cost savings compared to other protective coating methods.

Contact us with any questions or to discuss additional surface preparation or coating requirements that may accompany your purchase.