Project management

American Piping Products supports projects from initial quotation to final inspection, offering turnkey piping solutions for projects of any size.  

Project management from American Piping Products includes: 

  • A dedicated project team with a single point of contact 
  • Expedited orders 
  • Customized project summary reports to aid customers’ internal reporting 
  • Compilation and verification of all required project documentation 
  • A full menu of value-add services 

Logistics expertise 

Among the world’s premier piping products distributors, American Piping Products offers same-day shipment of piping products anywhere in the world via road, rail, air or sea. 

Our team further assures project continuity by guaranteeing required documentation (such as MTRs, AMLs, import/export clearance, etc.) is accurate and complete while coordinating with key project stakeholders including owners, engineers, supply chain managers and on-site fabricators. 

In addition, we optimize project documentation by providing both digital and hard copy packing lists, offering easy access to all past projects via our digital document library. 

American Piping Products prepares, packages and stages all orders prior to shipping per customer requirements, and provides real-time tracking information on demand. 

Project management success stories 

Construction projects are stressful enough as it is. Piping procurement shouldn’t add to the burden. Read the case studies below to learn more about how partnership with American Piping Products allowed customers to make the most of their business opportunities. 

Accurate documentation matters. If delivered products don’t match packing lists, critical projects grind to a halt. Would you be willing to let a documentation slip-up stand in the way of growth? This oil & gas customer wasn’t. 

Is your supplier prepared? Project planning can be agonizingly slow. But when the green light finally flashes and work must begin in earnest, owners expect material suppliers to be ready. Thanks to two years of prep work by our sales team, we were ready at a moment’s notice. 

Emergency services 

American Piping Products staff are available 24/7 for emergency service. 

Have an emergency now? Call 1-800-316-5737. 

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, American Piping Products sales and support staff are available any time day or night to manage expedited orders anywhere in the world.