Pipe Beveling

Piping projects across industrial markets are made more precise and efficient with pipe beveling services from American Piping Products.

Utilizing cutting-edge machine and flame beveling equipment in our Houston and Chicago supply yards, our staff prepares pipe ends to satisfy welding method or filler material requirements, to enhance safety for workers handling pipe or to improve the product’s aesthetic properties.

Our pipe beveling equipment includes:

  • H&M band-type flame bevelers for 14” to 54” OD pipe
  • Wachs+Subsea and Tri-tool machine bevelers for pipe up to 12” OD

Although such a request is quite rare, we can bevel pipe larger than 54” OD with advanced notice. Also, note that while we can flame bevel pipe below 14” OD, we prefer to machine bevel at smaller ODs to maximize bevel precision.

To capture even greater project efficiency and cost savings, our customers typically bundle pipe beveling with these other key services:

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