Conversion Charts & Calculators

Listed below are links to a number of conversion charts and calculators that have proven helpful to our customers when specifying steel pipe.

Barlow’s Formula calculator — Relate the internal pressure your pipe can withstand to its dimensions and strength.

Carbon Equivalent Calculator

Conversion & Reference Chart – Easy to read charts on Metric to Imperial Conversions as well as formulas for calculating Pipe and Tube Weight per Foot, Cross Sectional Areas, and Bursting Pressures.

Distance Conversion Calculator – Convert metric and imperial distances like meters to feet.

Energy Conversion Calculator – Convert common energy measurements including joules, BTUs, watt hours, calories, therms, etc..

Force Conversion Calculator – Convert various force measurements.

Hardness Conversion Table – Convert Brinell Hardness Measurements, Rockwell Hardness Measurements, and Tensile Strengths.

Lead Time Calculator – Quickly determine the lead time on your order.

MPa to PSi Conversion – Convert MPa to PSi weight.

Temperature Conversion Calculator – Convert Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin etc…