Carbon Equivalent Calculator

Carbon Equivalent (A/SA106 S6.)

C. Carbon %
Mn. Manganese %
Cr. Chromium %
Mo. Molybdenum %
V. Vanadium %
Ni. Nickel %
Cu. Copper %
CE Value %

The American Piping Products carbon equivalent calculator allows for the measurement of what the carbon equivalent is for piping materials that are an alloy steel. Understanding the carbon equivalent of an alloy steel pipe is integral to a piping project, especially when welding will be a necessary part of the process. The calculator above creates an accurate idea as to the weldability of a certain kind of steel pipe.

Calculating the hardness of steel, through acquiring the carbon equivalent of the steel pipe, is a significant piece of information for the welding process. Alloying materials such as manganese, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, and copper affect the weldability of alloy steel pipe. The higher amount of each of these materials in the pipe, the harder the alloy steel pipe becomes, which in turn decreases the likelihood of being able to make a successful, sturdy weld.