Energy Conversion Calculator

1. Select a length unit from the “From” dropdown list and one from the “To” dropdown list.
2. Enter a numeric value, and click “To” button.

joules = 1 joules

The American Piping Products energy conversion calculator plays an important role in calculating temperatures as it pertains to steel pipe. Understanding the temperature environment steel pipe might be exposed to proves helpful in specifying what type of steel pipe must be used for a certain project.

The energy conversion calculator above calculates energy measurements in joules, kilojoules, megajoules, gigajoules, watt hours, kilowatt hours, megawatt hours, British Thermal Units (BTU), calories, kilocalories, therms, foot pounds force, foot poundals, and horse-power hours. Whenever a steel pipe project requires an understanding of energy measurement in different units, the calculator above will prove to be a helpful tool.