3 Things You Need in a Mechanical Tubing Distributor

The mechanical tubing industry has undergone many challenges in the past few years, including supply chain issues, mill closures, reduced availability, labor shortages, and pricing fluctuations. With these difficulties, ensuring your tubing distributor has the inventory, expertise, and services you need is crucial in keeping your operation running smoothly.

Material Availability

Mechanical tubing manufacturers are frequently over capacity as demand outpaces supply, which has been an issue for the past few years. This is causing many distributors to struggle to meet the demands of the industry. With this shortage, mill capacity is tight, and supplies are limited in keeping pace with the industry’s needs, pushing mechanical tubing prices well beyond historical norms. 

The best way for distributors to try and minimize the impact of supply shortages is to have relationships with a wide range of mills. An excellent example of this is American Piping Products. By working with mills and suppliers both across the country and internationally, American Piping is able to stay ahead of the supply chain issues and maintain a healthy inventory of mechanical tubing, ensuring you are never missing materials.

Industry Expertise

Customers are finding that suppliers lack the industry expertise that is critical to providing them with the mechanical tubing that fits their application(s). In many industries where mechanical tubing is used, the specifications for the tubing products needed can be extremely rigorous. Without in-depth mechanical tubing knowledge, your order could be delayed, your products could be wrong or missing, and you could miss out on crucial production time.

American Piping Products’ mechanical tubing division is led by Marc Biolchin, who has been in the tubing industry for 46 years. From manufacturing to distribution, Marc ensures that all American Piping team members have the knowledge required to accurately and efficiently fill all mechanical tubing orders. 

Value-Added Services

When running on just-in-time or time-sensitive production schedules, you can’t afford to buy raw tube and send it to a different company to complete the part. A supplier that provides in-house, value-added services can get the completed part on your floor in less time and with the necessary accuracy to meet your specifications.

For example, American Piping Products provides both in-house and 3rd Party services, including cutting, beveling, heat-treating, honing, boring, grinding, and much more to ensure that you can maintain your production schedule. This wide range of services, coupled with a robust inventory and accuracy towards specific customer requirements, allows American Piping to get customers the exact tubing they need and implement it in their operation faster and more efficiently.

The Best Way to Buy Mechanical Tubing

American Piping Products has redefined what it means to be a reliable and accurate mechanical tubing distributor. With a wide range of suppliers, a variety of value-added services, and in-depth industry knowledge, American Piping can provide you with any and all the mechanical tubing products you need quickly and efficiently. This allows you to maximize your production time and minimize quality issues.

For any and all of your mechanical tubing needs, connect with an American Piping Products expert and find your fit.