Supplying the custom miter cuts you want in the steel pipe you need

We’ve told you a little about our state-of-the-art addition to our Houston-based steel pipe-cutting saws before. Now we’d like to give you a glimpse of how the Hem VT-140HA-60 saw works and the kinds of miter cuts it can make.

Why are we so proud of our new saw? It has everything to do with what it means for our customers. Now that we’re equipped with this computer-automated production band saw, we’ll be able to provide our clients with the miter cuts they’re looking for, whether it’s a 45º right miter or a 60º left miter. It also has the capacity to handle compound miter cuts with the utmost precision, allowing us to create the custom pipe cuts you’re looking for quickly.

“It’s exciting that APP can say ‘yes’ to a wide range of product orders,” says Operations Director Joe Raiser. “We love to say that we can take on almost any project, and we love it more now that we can say we do it in-house.”

Owning better cutting technology means we can better meet the needs of our customers. If you’ve been looking for a pipe supplier, now’s a great time to get to know American Piping Products. Visit our contact page, and let’s talk about what we can do for you.