Our success depends on providing the best in piping AND customer service

We love getting customer emails, especially when we’ve done something that makes our customers happy. For instance, we recently received this quick message praising the way we do business:


It’s fantastic to hear when we’re doing a great job. What’s really important to us, however, is knowing when we’re not meeting our customer’s expectations. Customer service is our highest priority here at American Piping Products, so when someone has a problem with our services, we want to provide a satisfactory solution as soon as possible, even if it means going straight to the top with our CEO Al Rheinnecker.

If you’re working with American Piping Products and you’re feeling frustrated with something we’re doing or NOT doing, feel free to email our CEO directly at [email protected], or call give him a phone call at 1-800-316-5737. He’ll be happy listen to your concerns and help find a way to resolve your issues quickly and effectively.

After all, it’s our customers that make us so successful. We feel each and every one of them should feel good about working with us.