Pipe-sawing: an important pipe-supply service at American Piping Products

At American Piping Products, we know our customers rely on us to supply quality pipe across a wide range of projects and industries. And we know that sometimes your pipe suppliers’ cutting capabilities can make the difference in winning and keeping your business. So we’re committed to better cutting technology and saws to meet every requirement of your order.

Accurate. To your requirements.

Because we take pride in meeting the exact requirements of every order we take, we care about the quality of every single pipe we cut. That’s why we recently purchased another state-of-the-art saw for our Houston facility: a Hem VT-140HA-60 saw.

With laser-aligned precision, computer-controlled cutting, and a full spread of powerful locking-clamps, the word “saw” is just scratching the surface of what our Houston yard is capable of. The cutting process is fully automated and we operate this CNC saw with a touch-screen (versus the industry-standard maze of buttons and levers).

Miter cuts and more

Our saw’s computer automation capabilities allow us to cut faster and more accurately than ever. It also means that we can do the more challenging miter cuts, cutting pipe at multiple angles, multiple times. Whether it’s a 45º right miter, or a 60º left miter, American Piping Products has the capabilities to meet your order requirements.

Capabilities in Chicago

Our cutting capabilities in Chicago are best in class, too. Chicago can now cut pipe up to 25” O.D.—perfect for when you need cut-to-length pipe sourced from our strategically located Chicago warehouse.

At the end of the day…

It’s about providing a better product for our customers. Whether we’re cutting in Chicago or Houston, it’s all about a better experience for our customers. We’ve worked hard to streamline operations while increasing our overall capabilities.

Contact us to learn more about our pipe-cutting services or try our online pipe-dimension calculator.