PSL 1 vs. PSL 2 Spec Sheet

Grade range A25 through X70 GR B through X80 Table 1
Size range 0.405 through 80 4-2/1 through 80 Table 1
Type of pipe ends Plain-end, threaded-end, bevelled-end, special coupling pipe Plain-end Table 1
Seam welding All methods continous welding limited to Grade A25 All methods except continous and laser welding Table 1
Electric welds: welder frequency No minimum 100 kHz minimum
Heat treatments of electric welds Required for grades > X42 Required for all grades (GR B through X80); J.3.3.2:6.2.7
Chemistry: max C for seamless pipe 0.28% for grades > Gr B 0.24% Tables 2A, 2B
Chemistry: max C for welded pipe 0.26% for grades > Gr B 0.22% Tables 2A, 2B
Chemistry: max P 0.03% 0.03% Tables 2A, 2B
Chemistry: max S Only when purchases specifies SR18 0.02% Tables 2A, 2B
Carbon equivalent None Maximum required for each grade 4.2:4.3:6.1.3: SR15.1
Yield strength, maximum None Maximum for each grade Tables 3A, 3B
UTS, maximum None required Maximum for each grade Tables 3A, 3B
Fracture toughness Only when purchaser specifies SR4 Required for all grades 6.2.6; 9.3.5: 9.8.4; 9.10.7;
Non-destructive inspection of seamless pipes Permitted SR4 mandatory Table 14
Repare by welding of pipe body, plate and skelp Permitted by agreement Prohibited 5.3.2;9.7.6: B.1;B.2
Certification Certificates when specified per SR15 Prohibited 4.3;;9.7.6;B.1.2;B.4
Traceability Traceable only until all tests are passed unless SR15 is specified Certificates (SR15.1) mandatory
Traceable after completion of tests (SR15.2) mandatory

*PSL1 & PSL2 requirements are given in the latest edition of API 5L specifications